As fate would have it, being drawn to Chinatown this summer, I met Kresimir, also known as Chris, randomly at a bar in Chinatown with a very downtown Manhattan crowd. We had a nice conversation and I discovered that he is an equity derivatives trader at a hedge fund. He grew up in Queens, New York as a second generation Croatian. 

I spoke of Pratt and a specific painting that I associate with graduate school. I was working on it the night before my interview. I was praying through the process and in a very peaceful state of mind. I explained to Chris the spiritual significance of the piece. 

Anointing seemed to grow on him as he inquired about how it was created. I felt like he was sincerely drawn to the piece and because of it's spiritual significance I was not willing to sell it to just anyone. After some negotiating we agreed on a price. 

Anointing looks amazing in Chris' apartment in the Finance District overlooking the Hudson. I predict that Chris will become a more avid collector. 

Maybe an artist should feel nothing after selling a work of art, on to new commissions and buyers, but it makes me happy knowing Chris is connected to the watercolor on silk and exhibiting it so beautifully in his home, a happy ending indeed.